Open BIM Systems is a new company whose goal is to produce new generation systems and technologies for Building Information Modeling (BIM).

The company has united young, incredibly talented employees and professionals with a successful 25-year experience in creating flagship software products that have received worldwide recognition. Promising projects being implemented by the company are based on original scientific results in the field of model-driven software engineering, management of heterogeneous, semantically complex data, optimistic replication and reconciliation, visual analysis of spatiotemporal data, interactive and conservative rendering of large dynamic scenes, metaheuristic search for quasi-optimal schedules.

The company's employees share not only common conservative values, but also general principles of building a new generation of BIM systems. The most important among them are the principles of openness and multidisciplinarity, which consist in ensuring the functional compatibility (or interoperability) of software systems and the possibility of their integrated application in solving survey, design, engineering, management, financial, operational and other tasks that arise in the construction industry throughout the life cycle of buildings and structures.

In conditions when thousands of IT companies around the world offer software solutions focused on different national legislation, different segments of civil, industrial and infrastructure construction, different applied disciplines and tasks, different stacks of technologies and tools, the landscape of BIM software is extremely fragmented, and its complex use is problematic.

The openBIMā„¢ concept, developed by the international buildingSMARTĀ® alliance as a system of information standards for interoperability, is aimed at a systematic solution to this problem. Despite the well-known problems and implementation difficulties, these standards embody the most promising approach to the formation of a single ecosystem of BIM software today. In addition, by providing a detailed ontological blueprint for the architecture and construction industry, the standards serve as a constructive basis for the production of emerging multidisciplinary BIM systems.

It is noteworthy that in the early 2000s, many skeptics called the concept of open BIM standards, as well as the concept of 4D project modeling "academic toys", but today they are followed by all the largest construction companies and the world's leading software vendors. In this regard, the style and business credo of the company is best reflected in the slogan "From concept to technological innovation!".